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Rye, better known as Rye-man, is a beautiful 10 year old boy who brings joy to everyone. He has been thrown challenges and curve balls from the day he was born and everyday since.

When he was born it was discovered that he suffered a stroke in utero, it was a really tough start to life and a devastating start to parenthood. 

At six months of age Rye was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. His prognosis was very good and the hope was that he only have difficulties using his right arm and leg. Unfortunately this wasn’t the direction Rye went.

Although Rye had challenges, as a toddler his cognitive level was almost on par with kids his own age, he could communicate in his own way and he was walking very well with a walking frame.  

This is when the regression hit.

Rye has been regressing and losing skills since 2.5 years old. It started with the loss of communication and cognitive ability. He was diagnosed with Autism at 3 and has been tube fed since he was 4.

Over the years Rye has regressed in many ways, from gross motor skills to his ability to breath effectively while he sleeps.

Rye rocks two stoma bags, is PEGJ feed, uses BiPAP, requires 24/7 venting. He is reliant on his parent or carers for all aspects of life. Rye uses his wheelchair at all times, but also enjoys a little crawl on the ground, or short stints in his walking frame. He is waiting on a eye gaze computer to learn how to communicate with his eyes! Technology is amazing!

His diagnosis list is huge, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Developmental Regression, Epilepsy, sleep disorders, behavioural disorders, weakened respiratory system, the list goes on. It means he spends lots of time in hospital but this list doesn’t define who Rye is.

And although Rye’s future is unknown its made sure he gets to experience as much as he can, and he is given every opportunity to enjoy the things he loves! 

Rye has a younger brother Jed and sister Bowie who love him with all their heart. He attends a mainstream school and is the rockstar of the school. He is just a beautiful, loving child. All of the challenges he faces doesn’t define who he is. He is a kid that inspires people to better themselves, he lights up the room with his smile and cheek. 

Rye-man is loved by everyone, and has a wonderful community behind him.

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