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The Okè Label is an amazing brand, and I believe that everyone should know about them. Not only that they sell clothes, but they put this idea out there that disability is normal, and it’s exactly that.

Okè Label started up in August last year, in hoping to sell te-shirts, but also to share the message about disability being okay. I’m probably not the only one hear, but who doesn’t like the RAC advertisements, when they say if you have an accident your life is over. In real life this isn’t true, yes you do have a disability, but you can create a new and happy life from that accident. This is what the Okè Label is trying to proceed with their brand, that disability isn’t a death sentence, but it is a happy life, and you can enjoy that life with everyone else.


Okè Label is a clothing brand that appeals to young adults and children to by their clothes. I haven’t received some myself, but I am hearing that the clothes are awesome, and they do look funky when friends share some pictures of them wearing the brand. The the-shirts are funky and groovy to wear.

 From every te-shirt they sell, the Okè Labelputs aside $5 to donate to a person with a disability and their family. Many people wouldn’t know this, but it is true, and that what makes them stand out to me the most. For every month a person with a disability, is that person for the month. What I mean by this is that after each month the Okè Label donates some money to that person with a disability, or if it's a child then to their family. And this donation then goes towards something that the person or the family couldn’t afford.


A couple months into business starting up Brad O’Keefe, who is the founder of Okè Label did a post on his private Instagram account saying, “It’s not my brand, but it is for everyone”. I believe this is exactly true, Brad and his team for the Okè Label made this brand to give back to community, but also to donate money to a family, who needs it.


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