Hi guys, it's me, Layne back here! I am so excited to introduce the new guest and their youngest at Okè The Label, Ashana.

Ashana is currently 1 years old and is about to turn two at the end of August. She loves hanging out with her friends, her family as well as doing therapy to help her disability. Ashanais based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia; and her family loves to take her to the beach.

Ashana has two different disabilities, one of them is chromosome STXBP1 and the other one is Alexander Disease. Chromosome stxbp1 is when a person, in this case Ashana has epilepsy, encephalopathy and intellectual disability. Alexander Disease is when a person lost the ability to talk and bodily functions.  

With every purchase $5 goes back to Ashana and her family, this is to help out with her therapy.


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